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Ward's Fish are Celebrating 90 Years of Trading in Birkenhead

Wards Fishmongers is a very special business and it’s right here in the heart of Birkenhead. 

Now in its 90th year of trading and a fourth generation family business, Wards Fishmongers is a success story deserving recognition and celebration
Started in 1927 by Emily Ward, who was the wife of a ship’s cook from Birkenhead, It moved from the old market location in Market Street after it was destroyed by fire in 1974.  It traded from a garden shed set up in the temporary market until moved to the current site in the now famous Birkenhead Market. 

Nigel Ward, the current custodian of Wards said, “The market is the focal point of Birkenhead. We get every walk of life coming here and it’s a great leveller.” He added, “We have some great specialist, independent shops and there are things on offer here that you just cannot get anywhere else.”
Quality, service and value are at the heart of everything Wards do. Fish supplies of up to 200 different types of fish and seafood arrive daily including sashimi grade tuna. The business sells direct to the public and to around 30 restaurants, hotels and catering establishments in the area.  Adding to its range of fish stick, they have invested in water tanks that enable the business to supply live lobsters and crabs.

The prestigious honour of supplying Turbot for the visit of Her Majesty the Queen in 2011 was recognition of Wards Fishmongers unwavering commitment to the highest quality and service. 

Traceability can be somewhat vague when it comes to supermarket fish, however, the fundamental difference between Ward's stock and fish sold from elsewhere is that Wards ensure that all have full traceability, even back to the fishing vessel meaning they can tell exactly when a fish was caught. 
In addition to the huge array of fish and seafood available Wards also stock a wide range of deli items including condiments, breadcrumbs, foie gras and tins of caviar.  Very popular at Christmas are the famous Kelly Bronze turkeys, plus geese and capons, which Wards stock. 

Nigel Ward summarised, ”For Wards Fishmongers these days it’s all about selling the best, which we think we do, and that is why we are so popular with customers from the public and businesses alike returning regularly to buy from us.”

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